"I am so stressed out!"...how many times have you made that statement?  Usually we can calm ourselves down, but the fact is too much stress can cause heart disease!  If you are over stressed and do not manage it, you are more likely to develop heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain or irregular heartbeats.  On the next Another View on Health, we'll talk about stress induced heart disease with our co-host, Cardiologist Dr. Keith Newby, along with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Johathan E. Smith, PhD.  Dr. Newby and Dr. Smith will share specific tips on how to relieve stress as well as take care of your heart.  Plus, Lisa Godley takes us back in history to the role Norfolk State University and local churches played in the Civil Rights Movement.  It's all on Another View, Friday, February 27 at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM, or stream us live on this blog!