The numbers are astounding and the statistics are calendar yeat 2013, 158 infants died in Hampton Roads. That's the highest number in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The city of Norfolk alone lost 118 of those babies,  and an astounding 20 of every one thousand live birhs in Norfolk end in the death of the baby within the first year!  Why is the infant mortality rate so high in our region?  On the next Another View we will explore the reasons why and give parents and caregivers information to keep their baby safe.  Our guests include Michelle Clayton, MD, who specializes in child abuse and neglect with CHKD; Meena Tamakloe, BSN, RN, a Maternal and Child Health Nurse with the Hampton Health Department; and Shawn Ware-Avant, Liicensed Professional Counselor and Project Coordinator with Loving Steps Community Health Home Visiting, and the Virginia Healthy Start Initiative with EVMS.  Cardiologist Dr. Keith Newby co-hosts on the next Another View, Friday, October 28 at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM or stream us live on this blog.