The movie, Black or White, featuring Kevin Costner explores an issue long in debate in the adoption arena - how important is it for adoptive parents and the kids they adopt to be of the same race?  On the next Another View we talk with two African American women who were adopted by white families, and while their childhoods were good, the lack of knowledge about their heritage became problematic in their adult years.  Our guests include Ginger Savage, a bi-racial woman raised with her White mother and stepfather in a home that never discussed race; Lisa Marie Rollins, lecturer, actress and author of "Ungrateful Daughter: One Black Girl's Story of Being Adopted by a White Family...That Aren't Celebrities", a comedic but intense look at her experience of beig adopted by a White family in the 1970's; and Keith Ingram with The Family Center of Hope, an agency specializing in adoption and foster care that makes the extra effort to place same race families together.  Join us for the next Another View, Friday, March 6 at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM or stream us live on this blog!