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So where are you financially?  Are you "sitting pretty" with home ownership,  a healthy savings account, retirement account, low credit card debt and discretionary funds to spare?  Or  are you living from paycheck to paycheck, robbing Peter to pay Paul and praying your car doesn't break down?  Sadly far too many of us are in the latter category but there's help on the way!  On the next Another View financial expert Christy Hunt, Housing Program Manager with the Urban League of Hampton Roads, offers concrete, actionable advice to help improve our finances.  From how to start saving, to sticking to the budget, to preparing to purchase that home, Christy offers practical advice to get you back on track.  Plus, producer Lisa Godley introduces us to the latest podcast offered by WHRV-FM, "Mind Over Manners"!  It's all on the next Another View, Friday, May 5 at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM, or stream us live on this blog!


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