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Recently a cereal commercial featuring an interracial couple and their daughter sparked a backlash across social media - and a counter movement by those in support of interrcial families. Why is there such strong reaction to couples of mixed races in 2013? What are the issues interracial couples face? How do they overcome the racism that they sometimes face? On the next Another View we'll examine the topic with relationship expert Alvean Lyons, known as "Virginia's relationship expert". We'll also talk with two interracial couples, Angela and Robert Claypoole, and Alyson West and Michael David Murphy, creators of the "We Are the 15 Percent", a website that serves as a platform for photos of the changing face of American families. And Lisa Godley introduces us to the youngest African American female mayor in country and shares how she plans to make a difference in her community. It's all on Another View, Friday, September 6 at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM, or stream us live at


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