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Lee Daniel's "The Butler" brought to light the often misunderstood life of the domestic worker.  In the African American community, these were the men and women who sacrificed their own family to take care of their employer's family.  They are the ones who cooked, served, washed, nursed and otherwise completed the domestic work.  On the next Another View we'll examine how domestic workers have been portrayed in movies and their critical role in the Civil Rights movement.  Our guests include Michael Hucles, PhD, History Professor at ODU; Ivey Jackson, former Domestic Worker; Kim Neal, whose mother and grandmother were domestic workers; and John Quarstein, whose family employed domestic workers. Plus, Lisa Godley brings us the story of another home grown professional athlete, Terry Kirby It's all on Another View, Friday, October 4 at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM, or stream us on this blog!


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