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The American Psychological Association defines stress as the physiological demand placed on the body when one must adapt, cope or adjust.  And according to Science Daily, stress resulting from racial discrimination can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease and several other age-related health problems. On the next Another View we'll explore the role racism plays when it comes to stress and how that impacts our health.  We've assembled a team of experts to address the connection and help us process, alleviate and possibly even eliminate stress!  Our guests include: Dr. Tiffany Nicole Shockley, Public Health Expert and author of: Blackness: The Life and Times of an Unpopular People, Susan Ottey, Certified Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Rosalind Stanley, Counselor and Mental Health Advocate. Plus, Lisa Godley talks to  Dr. Ysaye Barnwell, formerly of Sweet Honey in the Rock about the important role music plays in bringing a community together!  Join us for Another View, Friday, January 27th at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM or stream us live on this blog!


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