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According to the Virginia Department of Health, the number of women using heroin had doubled in the past ten years, along with 18-25 year olds and Caucasians. In fact, heroin addition is now considered a health issue and not necessarily a criminal one.  But what about addiction in the African American community?  Are the numbers the same? Is the treatment the same? Now that it's a health issue, will more addicts of color get the help they need?  On the next Another View on Health we'll talk with Tony Crisp, Director of Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services with the Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board; and we'll meet an opioid addict currently receiving treatment.  Join Barbara Hamm Lee and co-host, cardiologist Dr. Keith Newby for the next Another View, Friday at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM or stream us live on this blog!


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