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Last year education leaders throughout Eastern Virginia took a hard look at the way our students are being educated.  They realized that equality in schools - providing the same for everyone - only works when students are all in the same place and need the same things to succeed.  Instead, it has become necessary to provide equity in education - honoring that all students are different and will need different things to succeed. So how does that translate into the classroom?  On the next Another View, we'll get an update on "Excellence Through Equity".  Our guests include Jim Roberts, PhD, Superintendent, Chesapeake Public Schools; Sheli Porter, Director of High School Curriculum and Instruction, Chesapeake Public Schools; and Rashard Wright, Chief Schools Officer, Virginia Beach Public Schools.  Join us for the next Another View, Friday, March 17 at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM, or stream us live on this blog!


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