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It's an issue that affects all of us - the re-entry of convicted felons into society once they've served their time.  In a country where one in three black males can expect to spend time in prison within his lifetime, how he is treated when he is released will determine if he becomes a productive citizen, or goes back to prison for re-offending.  On the next Another View we'll talk about the challenges ex-offenders face trying to find jobs, re-establishing relationships with family, and rejecting the negative environment that could get them in trouble again.  Our guests include:  Robert Williams, Employment Specialist at Second Chances; Hasan Zarif, Re-Entry Specialist for Good Will Industries; James Windom, Executive Director of the Capitol Area Re-Entry Coalition in Baton Rouge, LA; and Paul Joyner, an ex-offender who found employment through a re-entry program.  Plus Lisa Godley shares local African American history as part of the PBS project, "The African Americans:   Many Rivers to Cross." It's all on Another View, Friday, November 1 at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM or stream us live on this blog! 



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